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Transforming Lives: 
Our System Elevates Communities Through Genuine Poverty Alleviation

From Poverty to Prosperity: We Believe We Can Eradicate Poverty with Your Help

It Won't Be Easy But
It Will Change Lives

Eradicating poverty is a monumental task that no single individual can accomplish alone. Recognizing this, we are dedicated to empowering and training communities to spearhead these efforts within their own locales, acknowledging that collective action is key to making meaningful progress.

Embrace the Challenge and Transform Lives

How We're Making a Difference


Our approach is rooted in a strong community commitment to the

Poverty Alleviation System, enhanced by the comprehensive integration

of our prosperity pathways training.


Join us in our journey towards sustainable change.

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The Problem

Why Poverty Management
Doesn't Work

Focus on Managing Poverty: The system concentrates on managing poverty rather than actively working to alleviate it.

Lack of Coordination: Programs often operate independently, resulting in unpredictable and unreliable outcomes.

Absence of Accountability: There is no accountability for reducing poverty rates, leading to persistent service gaps.

Funding and Regulatory Constraints: Organizations are limited by funding and regulations, hindering their ability to help individuals break the cycle of poverty.

Inefficient Service Delivery: The delivery of services is outdated and uncoordinated, making it difficult for individuals to receive help.

Isolation of Agencies: Agencies and service providers work in isolation and competition, impeding collaboration.

Limited Access for the Poor: Individuals in poverty often lack the resources to access necessary programs and services.

No Coordinated Advancement Efforts: There is a lack of coordinated efforts to help individuals progress from poverty to self-sufficiency.

Need for Cultural Shift: A significant cultural shift is needed within organizations to promote long-term outcomes in poverty reduction.

The Solution

The Poverty Solution Model
for Participants

Our aim is to elevate families and individuals to a level above 225% of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL),

as we believe this is a sustainable target for long-term stability.

In the suburbs

Why Our System For Poverty Alleviation


Communities like Upper Cumberland, TN, and Hagerstown, MD are partnering with us as pioneers in transforming their approach to poverty. Our poverty alleviation system fosters teams that are highly accountable for supporting individuals through all five stages of moving out of poverty. Identified system barriers and service gaps are addressed by a collective impact team dedicated to finding solutions. The success of this initiative is largely due to the buy-in and active involvement of individuals within the community, ensuring a collaborative effort toward sustainable change.

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The Goal for the
Poverty Solution Initiative 

In collaboration with our partners,
we are dedicated to

uplifting 800 families from
poverty to prosperity by 2026 in the 
Upper Cumberland TN region.

The Poverty to Prosperity System

Our program guides communities through a 12-month journey, outlining five essential steps to implement our system effectively. To ensure success, each Poverty Alleviation System (PAS) must establish three key teams: a Leadership Team, a Collaboration Team, and a Prosperity Team. These teams collaborate with participants to not only achieve their personal goals but also to address and manage systemic barriers and gaps. 

PS Landscape System
Team Hugging_edited.jpg

Why Partnering with Us Will Make a
Lasting Impact In Your Community: 

By collaborating with us, communities initiate their journey towards change by committing to a 10% reduction in their poverty rate, a proven and achievable target. Whether it's impacting 100, 500, or 1,000 families, this commitment is the first step toward significantly lowering the poverty rate. In addition to access to tools and training, communities engaged in the Poverty Alleviation System (PAS) will benefit from strategic coaching, grant writing assistance, and marketing support from the PAS team, enhancing their capacity to make a meaningful difference.

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The Poverty Alleviation System

Current Partners

empower uc - full color transparent (2).png

Empower Upper Cumberland, TN

Committed to supporting
1600 children
and their families out of poverty and into prosperity by 2026.


About Us

At The Poverty Solution, we recognize the complexities of poverty and the critical need for accessible resources and support to help individuals and families overcome it. With over 25 years of experience through our sister project, Circles USA, our executive team has a proven track record in guiding families out of poverty.

Circles USA brings together middle-income and high-income volunteers to mentor and support families in poverty. By surrounding those experiencing poverty with individuals who have successfully navigated challenges like securing employment, negotiating leases, or managing credit card debt, we empower them to achieve long-term financial stability.

Building on the successes of Circles USA, we developed the Poverty Alleviation System. This innovative approach assembles highly accountable teams dedicated to supporting people through all five stages of moving out of poverty.

Our focus is on delivering personalized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each individual and family. By working together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Join us today and become part of the solution.

Our Team

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